Medicare Supplements


This section, Medicare supplements, is designed to assist you, the Medicare supplement shopper, to better understand the basics of a Medicare supplemental insurance policy. The first section, Benefits of a Medicare Supplement Plan, lists all of the possible benefits in a Medicare supplement plan. The next document is the standardized Outline of Coverage that almost all Medicare supplement companies use in their literature.


Q: What does this standardization mean?

A: Taken from my Ten Mistakes: Congress passed the Medicare Improvement Act in 2008, which streamlined the 20 year-old 1990 plans, dropped redundant plans, and added the new plans M and N. The new plans are called the Modernized Plans and are in effect for all Medicare supplement plans sold after June 1, 2010. Now we have plans A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N.

If a shopper is looking at Plan F, for example, then he or she would understand that the Plan F from any particular insurance company pays claims according to the benefits as outlined by the legislation. So, if you are looking at Plan F that is offered by Company X, then you will know that the Plan F offered by Company Y, Z, and so forth has the same benefits. The same is true for any other lettered plan.


The Lettered Plans

The next eleven pages show the benefits for each lettered plan. The benefits that are not in the plan being discussed are faded out.


When you can change your Medicare supplement plan

There is much confusion concerning when you can and can’t change your Medicare supplement plan. This document presents the technical details of the rules for your various options.


Are you Eligible for a Refund?

This account presents a case history of a party that initially thought that they could not change the husband’s Medicare supplement outside of the October 15-December 7th Annual Election Period (AEP). It also explains how you, the consumer, can get a refund for an advance paid premium.


What to do with that stack of stuff delivered to your mail box

Learn about a smart and clever move, you the Medicare supplement shopper can make. This document explores the BIG mistake the majority shoppers unwittingly make and how to avoid making this mistake in the first place. In discussing the process for avoiding this mistake, this section offers you some strategies of how to manage the barrage of company literature that slams and jams your mailbox during the months preceding your 65th birthday. This information may also be useful for those past 65.